works other than or prior to here is always vanishing, the meltiverse, and the reverse cowgirl trilogy.

2023. ghost (web version), by and with asa & wayne horvitz, ariadne randall, and carmen quill; see below. digital artwork commissioned by the couch, the online curatorial platform of het hem, amsterdam. contains three hours of music, hundreds of images, and an infinite generator of poetic texts. website link

2023. ghost, dir. asa horvitz, by and with asa & wayne horvitz, ariadne randall, and carmen quill. ai design by seraphina goldfarb-tarrant and alejandro calcaño; advice from oneka van schraeder and joachim robbrecht; costume collaboration evandro pedroni; additional contributions bryan west, theo krausz, xandradave cochran, le van hung, jakob bartmann, monica gamberale, and numerous wind players in vienna and amsterdam. spring festival, utrecht; musiktheatertage @ brut, vienna; de school via het hem & musiekgebeouw, amsterdam. supported by standplaats midden, spring festival utrecht, frascati, vienna ma7, city of amsterdam, city of utrecht, austrian federal ministry for arts & culture. a co-production of golden trout wilderness (ny) and celestial excursions (vienna). past support: microscope gallery nyc, goethe institut hong kong, ai now/fondazione prada milano, desingel, das arts/das theatre amsterdam, wpzimmer, elias 2069, rsf social finance, camargo foundation.

2023. a story back then, short film by roxolana rogoska; performance on an 18th-century unrestored pipe organ. filmed at the medienfrische residency program, bschlabertal, tyrol, austria.

2023. the calling, short film by jay dallen; score for viola da gamba, modular synthesizer, analog synths, bowed cymbals, and drumset. premiere at marina del rey film festival, los angeles, california, further screenings upcoming.

2023. on wiggly air, a two-day workshop on sound and dramaturgy in performance. bears in the park art place, vienna, austria.

2022. how to become a dolphin. choreography and sound installation,
with lucia rosenfeld. raw matters / bears in the park, vienna. archive

2021. 100 questions to the dead, by asa horvitz, desingel, antwerp. archive

2019. when time shall be no more. opera in one act, with matt evans, tristan kasten-krause, anna roberts-gevalt. bard mfa thesis concert, olin concert hall, new york. archive

2019. butterfly. unreleased tracks for voice, laptop, and modular synthesizer. montez press radio, cell project space, london and new york.

2016. cop god. stageless opera for two voices and electronics, with anastasia clarke. wfmu, kpfa, mills college, bay area & northeast tour. archive

2015. hieros gamos. stageless opera with video for two voices and electronics,
with anastasia clarke and ginny benson. lincoln center, new york. archive

2015. xenomorph. a single-serving web magazine pairing post-internet artists with hourlong mixes by underground djs, on the defunct gif platform newhive.
with umfang, beta librae, molly soda, huerco s., via app, dreamcrusher, and others. sound archive

2014. bel–air radio. community radio station broadcasting from a very cold shipping container in brooklyn (and, later, from the silent barn). one of my shows, “live at bel–air,” featured intimate concerts from eartheater, dreamcrusher, ben seretan, and others.