reverse cowgirl quartet

a project of the department of performance quality, this tetralogy of performances uses the artists’ own gender transition as a means to ask larger questions about identity and meaning. through the lens of her body and experience, she asks: of what does a self consist, if it can be said to consist at all? what might selves leave behind and what may they carry? and what unlikely roads may open? the american southwest as found both in her memory and as a concept in baudillard’s america are signposts here. the recurring reverse cowgirl in each piece’s title, taken from a sassy bleached shirt found in a queer brooklyn flea market, also honors mckenzie wark’s stunning memoir.

the series draws on a wide range of materials, relying on kembra pfahler’s notion of ‘availabilsm’ to use and misuse the means at hand: history, myth, contemporary and ancient music, expanded cinema, pop culture, artificial intelligence, poetry, zen kōans, stand-up comedy, and movement.

  • r1 – reverse cowgirl β (beta); premiered 11.2023, brut, vienna.
    by and with ariadne randall. costume nyx ferrand. advice asa horvitz.
    additional advice oneka van schraeder, lau lukkarila, phillipe riera, kira kirsch, andreas fleck. supported by the huggy bears mentoring program.
    excerpts and drafts shown at imagetanz, vienna; kultursommer, vienna; medienfrische, tyrol; galerie peter gaugy; and kobo art space, zurich.
  • r2 – ██████████████
  • r3 – ██████████████
  • r4 – ██████████████